First and foremost, and we can't stress that enough, make sure that the native camera of your smartphone is clean, as well as the lens. A greasy/dirty lens can have an major impact on the quality of your photos!

1. Install your photo lens

2. Create your "tour"

Open the Nodalview app on your smartphone and create a "tour" by clicking on the red button at the bottom-right of the screen. Keep in mind that one tour ( = file) equals one property.

Example: if your property is located at Oxford Street, name your tour "Oxford" (as the tour name is public, try to avoid naming the tour after the owner).

3. Position your smartphone

Once you have set the parameters for your tour, turn your smartphone horizontal using the screw at the back of the nodal arm (T-shaped black support): slightly unscrew it, rotate your smartphone and screw it back up to lock it in position. Shooting your pro photos in landscape orientation (horizontal) will bring more depth to your shots.

A cross will appear on your screen - that cross will be you spirit level:

4. Shooting mode

The Nodalview app gives your the option of shooting indoor or outdoor. To change this parameter, just click on the icon.

It is important to know that when taking pro photos, you are using the bracketing technique, which is why the shooting mode you select matters.

5. Shooting and transfer

After taking and validating your photos, all you need to do is transfer them to your online user space!

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