Once your photos are transferred on your user space, you can download them.

There are three options :

1. Download all of the photos in one go

All your photos are selected by default, so you just need to click on "download X photos" in the left panel of your screen.

2. Download a few photos

  1. First step: click on the green button next to "download X photos", which will uncheck all your photos

  2. You can now choose the photos you want to download by checking the upper-left little box on all the miniature photos

  3. Click on the "download X photos" button

3. Download one photo only

In the upper-right corner of each miniature photos, your will see 3 icons. For the photo you wish to download, click on the middle icon in the shape of a cloud with an arrow.

⚠️When you download several pictures on your computer at the same time, a ZIP file is automatically created. You will then have to extract the photos from the file to have access to them.

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