You are happy with your photos but you think they are not completely straight, that their luminosity or contrast are not ideal? Nodalview offers you the perfect retouching tool to bring your photos the small modifications they need.

How to open the retouching tool? 

  1. Go to your user space and open the tour in which the photo you want to retouch is located

  2. On the upper-right corner of your photo miniature, click on the third icon, shaped like a horizontal "8"

  3. Once you're done with the modifications, export your photos

More information:

  • When you retouch a photo and you export it, it duplicates automatically. Hence, the original photo will not be modified

  • You are using the prepaid credits version of the Nodalview solution?
    One credit = one downloaded photo. If you retouch a photo that has already been downloaded, you will not be charged a second time!


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