The Nodalview app's main purpose is to help you shoot amazing visuals! This is where it all starts. It will allow you to shoot photos, panoramas and videos and then transfer them to your Nodalview platform.

Access the app

First, download the app on your smartphone via the Play Store or the App Store.
Open the app and log in with the login details you received by e-mail:

Create a "tour" by clicking on the "+" button located at the bottom right of your screen and give it a name:


Remember that a tour ( = a folder) is equal to one property.

Example: if your property is located on Oxford Street, name your tour "Oxford", as tour names are public, try to avoid naming them after the owners.

To go further:

➡️ If you want to shoot photos

➡️ If you want to shoot panoramas

➡️ 8 tips when shooting a home

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