Once you receive your equipment, you can install it to start shooting !

  1. First, install your tripod: unlock the telescopic legs and unfold them. Do not forget to lock them back once your tripod is in the correct position

  2. Screw the nodal arm (black T-shaped element that will be used to hold your smartphone) on the top of the tripod

  3. Attach the lens to your smartphone by using the Nodalview case:

You have a Nodalview case? ✅

Screw the lens (after removing it from the clip it came with) onto the screw thread you'll see on the case.

You don't have a Nodalview case? ❌

Place the lens on your smartphone's native camera using the the provided clip.

➡️ Which types of smartphone cases does Nodalview offer?

Please note that the above instructions only relate to the basic installation of your Nodalview kit.

To go further:

➡️ I want to shoot photos

➡️ I want to shoot 360° panoramas

➡️ I am using a motor

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