Setting up your equipment

  1. First, install your tripod: unlock the telescopic legs and unfold them. Do not forget to lock them back once your tripod is in the correct position.  

  2. Screw the nodal arm (black T-shaped element that will be used to hold your smartphone) on the top of the tripod.

  3. Attach the lens to your smartphone by using the Nodalview case:

You have a Nodalview case? ✅

Screw the lens (after removing it from the clip it came with) onto the screw thread you'll see on the case.

You don't have a Nodalview case? ❌

Place the lens on your smartphone's native camera using the the provided clip.

➡️ Which types of smartphone cases does Nodalview offer?

Please note that the above instructions only relate to the basic installation of your Nodalview kit.

Depending on your needs, additional steps will have to be taken:

➡️ I want to shoot photos

➡️ I want to shoot 360° panoramas

➡️ I am using a motor

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