Before starting capturing images, we will give you advice on how to get the best image quality possible!

1. Clean your lens

Carefully cleaning the camera of your smartphone as well as your Nodalview lens before each shooting is the most important step to take when using Nodalview. Our smartphones are always in our hands, pockets, handbag, car kits, etc. and a greasy residue often accumulates on the camera lens, which can strongly impact the quality of your pictures.

2. Choose the time of the day

Organising your shooting session at the time of the day when there is sun will allow you to not only have a blue sky displayed on your pictures, but also to use that natural light to brighten up your property.

3. Open the curtains

We also recommend to open the window blinds, curtains and veils. That will allow the natural light to come in the room and will open the space.

4. Turn the lights off

The artificial lights often create a yellow and unnatural look in the images. When possible, we advise to turn the lights off and use the natural light.

How can these tips make a difference ? 🚀

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