A simple gesture that can make a huge difference in the quality of your shots!

Carefully cleaning your lens before each shooting is the most important step to take when using Nodalview. Our smartphones are always in our hands, pockets, handbag, car kits, etc. and a greasy residue often accumulates on the camera lens, which can strongly impact the quality of your pictures. 

This layer of grease is almost invisible but can have a big effect on the clarity of your photos/panoramas. It can easily be detected: you will see a blurry effect around light sources such as windows, spotlights or back lights. Usually, you can already notice it when you shoot, but it is even more obvious on the final image.

We highly recommend that you clean the camera of your smartphone before each shooting session and that you check the clarity of your pictures! We also advise you to clean the inside and outside of your Nodalview lens before attaching it to your smartphone.

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