First and foremost, and we can't stress that enough, make sure that the native camera of your smartphone is clean, as well as the lens. A greasy/dirty lens can have a major impact on the quality of your panoramas!

➡️ Why is it important to have clean camera and lens?

Do you use a Nodalview motor?

If you're using a Nodalview engine which motorizes the capture of your panoramas, you must connect your engine to the Nodalview app before starting the capture!

Enter the panorama shooting screen

  • You've created a tour

  • Make sure you are in the 360 tab of the tour

  • Enter the capture screen by clicking on the panorama icon at the bottom of the screen

Avoid assembly errors by aligning the lens in the axis of the tripod

You will receive a notification in the shooting screen, telling you on which number you should place the nodal arm marker for perfect alignment.

Panorama shooting

On your shooting screen make sure you have green axes for a straight shot.

Green axes are a levelling tool that allows you to shoot straight panoramas.

➡️ Where to stand during the shooting?


Once your panoramas have been shot, named and validated, there is one last step: transfer them to your online user space where you can set up virtual tours based on your panoramas!

➡️  How to transfer panoramas?

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