First of all, please make sure that the native camera of your smartphone is clean.

A greasy or dirty lens can have an major impact on the quality of your pictures!

➡️ Why is it important to have clean camera and lens?

1. Install the 360° lens

2. Create a tour or access an existing tour

Enter the Nodalview app and create a "tour" by clicking on the red button on the bottom right corner of your screen. Keep in mind that a tour ( = file) equals a property.

Example: if your property is located at Oxford Street, name your tour "Oxford", as the tour name is public, try to avoid naming the tour after the owner.

You can also shoot panoramas in an existing tour. Access the relevant tour and click on "360°" before clicking on the red button.

3. Position your smartphone

Once you have set the parameters for your tour, leave your smartphone in portrait orientation (vertical).

⚠️ Warning! Depending on your smartphone model, its position will need to be adjusted! ⚠️

When shooting panoramas, your smartphone turns around an axis called the nodal axis, so you need to make sure that the lens is aligned with the tripod.

  1. If your smartphone camera is centrally placed, there is no additional handling required.

  2. If the camera is not centered, reposition your smartphone using the screw at the back of the nodal arm (T-shaped black support): slightly unscrew it, reposition your smartphone and screw it back up to lock it in position.

4. Panorama shooting

Before shooting, a cross will appear on your screen - that cross will be you spirit level:

When shooting, 8 shots need to be taken, one for each 45°, so that you can complete your 360° panorama:

➡️ Where to stand during the shooting?

5. Transfer

Once your panoramas haven been shot, named and validated, there is one last step: transfer them to your online user space!

➡️ How to transfer panoramas?

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