You are ready to shoot your first panorama but you don't know where to start or where to stand?

A panorama is the equivalent of a room. Shooting your visuals in 360° is a pleasing way to present your property and generate strong interest from your prospects.

In which order should you shoot your panoramas?

Plan your visit in a natural manner

Think logically. Create a pleasant walk around the house. Start with the entrance hall, go to the living room, then the kitchen, the bedrooms...

Don't forget connecting rooms, like hallways – Don’t underestimate the importance of corridors and hallways! They are the central points of your property. They'll be very useful for what's coming 🙃

Take panoramas of the outdoor space – Always nice to see in which environment the property is located. A garden, a pool, an amazing view ? I'm sure your prospects will be curious.

Start your shooting facing towards the view you want as a first scene – Don’t start in front of a door. Carefully choose the angle to start the shooting, this is where the rotation of your panorama will begin!

Where to stand in the room?

If space allows it, in a living room for example, you can shoot from the middle of the room.

Small espace

If the lack of space makes it impossible (a bathroom for example) take one step into the room, place your equipment and start the shooting.

Large space

If a room is particularly large, don't hesitate to take a second panorama from the same room. For example, a living room with two different atmospheres. Shoot the first then shoot the second.

After reading these tips, you're ready to take new panoramas 😊

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