You've transferred your panoramas to your user space; it is now time to assemble them and turn them into a virtual visit!

⚠️ Distinguishing a panorama from a virtual visit:

A panorama = one single room
A virtual visit = an entire property, an assembly of panoramas

1. Enter the tour you want to work on

On the page 'My tours', choose the tour you want to work on and click on 'Panoramas'.

2. Choose your first scene

The first scene is the panorama you want your virtual visit to start with. In your tour, choose it by clicking on the 'First Scene' button under the desired panorama.

Adjust the starting view and save.

3. Enter the editing interface

Once you have set your first scene, enter the editing interface by clicking on the 'Edit' button under the panorama.

In the editing interface, you will be able to add hotspots linking panoramas with one another.

➡️ How to add hotspots to move around in a tour?

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