After updating your business card, you can add a description to your tour. You can use that description to:  

  • Give your customer more details about the property that cannot be seen on the pictures

  • List the price of the property

  • Add any additional information

To add a description, click on the "Description" button in the left panel:

Fill the boxes with your property details:

Give your description a short title and copy-paste the information from your brokerage software. Click on "save" to back up the property details:

⚠️ When adding a description to your property, you improve the online visibility of your website. 

Once you have saved your description, you can come back to your tour by clicking on the "Panoramas" button on the top left of your screen.

To go further:

➡️ Add an information box

➡️ How to add a video via the information box ?

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