Of all the social networks, Facebook is by far the most used. So this is your chance to promote your business!

You would like to advertise your properties on your Facebook page, but you are not sure how to proceed?

In this article, we will tell you how you can reach the widest audience possible.

1. Panoramas and virtual tours

⚠️ Although the fastest way to share a visit on Facebook is to copy the link of your tour and paste it onto your page, we do not recommend this method. Indeed, the algorithms used by Facebook tend to favor native content, which means that a link to an external website will have a much lower visibility.

1. In your Nodalview user space, open the tour you are interested in and choose the panorama that best showcases the property. This image will have to spark the interest of your prospects, so it is important to choose it wisely!

Then click on the download icon, and "Download panorama":

2. Go to your Facebook page and create a new post to which you will add a photo:

3. In your files, select the panorama that you just downloaded and open it. Facebook will then invite you to edit it:

4. Select the starting view of your panorama:

5. Add a description to your post and click on "Post":

Great, your panorama 360 is now visible on your page!

NB: if you want to share the link to your entire tour, we advise you to mention it in the comments, under your panorama, so that Facebook doesn't detect it.

2. Videos

1. Go to your Facebook page and create a new post in which you will add a video:

2. Select the video youhad uploaded in your files and open it.

3. Add a description to your post and click on "Post":

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