Did you recently subscribe to Nodaview and you are not sure to understand the difference between the virtual visits and panoramas? This article will help you!

A panorama is a unique 360° capture of a room, shot with the Nodalview app on your phone with your Nodalview equipment.

➡️ How to shoot a 360° panorama?

A virtual visit is an assembly of several panoramas that you will create on your Nodalview space. To create a virtual visit, you will have access to a set of tools: the "hotspots" will allow you to connect the panoramas and the "information box" can be used to add additional information (photo, text, video).

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➡️ How to add a hotspot ?

➡️ How to add an information box?

➡️ How to remain competitive with the real estate virtual tour ?

Once it is created, your virtual visit will allow you to show the property to your clients going from one room (panorama) to another, as if you were there!

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