Nodalview is much more than a tool to capture photos, panoramas and videos.

Indeed, it's also an essential tool to customize these visuals, and make them essential promotional tools. More than that, Nodalview also allows you to share this content on social networks or on your website with just one click!

Discover in this article how to share a panorama, a virtual tour or a video on your website.

1. Panoramas:

2. Virtual tours:

On your Nodalview personal space, find the tour that you want to share and access to the share links.

The Smart Links are now available! You can now use 3 types of links: public, private and gated link. Thanks to the use of the Smart Links, you can now get precise informations and track your potential buyers.

Careful! The Smart Links are only available with the new subscriptions! For more informations about the different links, click here.

Please note: if you delete the tour from your user space, the link created will become obsolete and your virtual tour (or panorama) will disappear from your website.

3. Share videos:

If you want to share a video on your website, you will first need to host it on a hosting platform.

To go further:

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➡️ Sharing content on Facebook

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