Do you want to order some piece of equipment, packs, credits or make a subscription? You can do so directly on our e-shop, through the Nodalview website.

How to access the e-shop?

Log into your user platform. Once done, open the "Menu" tab and click on "Shop".

What are the benefits of using the e-shop?

Place orders from anywhere and at anytime

The e-commerce space allows you to place orders 24/7 without having to rely on anyone!
Needless to say, we are always at your disposal if you have any question or need further information!

Automatic billing process

If your agency is a client, your bill will be accessible directly in the user space of your account administrator. If you are not a client yet, the bill will be generated and automatically sent to the email address you gave when you made the order.

Speedy delivery

The delivery of your equipment and the activation of your credits or subscriptions are processed automatically, meaning you can expect to receive your equipment very soon after your order – no more unnecessary waiting time!

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