Thanks to the automatic assembly of panoramas, you will save time in the creation of your virtual tours.

Follow these steps:

1. Create a new 'Auto Assembled' tour

In your application, create a 'New tour' and select "Automatic tour assembling"

2. Start your first panorama

You can start your 'Auto Assembly' tour in any room and in any direction - no constraints.

3. Pay attention to the tripod position

To better remember the tripod position, you can mark it with a coin or a token.

4. Start the next panorama with your phone aiming at the last position of the tripod.

Always start your new panorama while aiming at the previous one. If the last panorama is not in view, aim at another existing panorama. Use the arrow on the screen to aim precisely at the position of the previous panorama.

Warning: the Nodalview app automatically assumes that you are aiming at the last panorama. If you are targeting another panorama, do not forget to indicate it in the drop-down list of panoramas.

5. Nodalview will automatically assemble your tour

Admire the result in your user space by going to the "Panoramas" tab of your tour and clicking on the "Verify Automatic Assembly" button.

You can also edit the tour and add additional arrows to it if needed.

Warning :

If you want to delete a panorama from your automatically assembled tour, we recommend you do so after the transfer in your Nodalview platform so that it does not interfere with the automatic assembly generation.

To go further:

➡️ Import an external panorama into a tour

➡️ Differentiate panoramas and virtual visits

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