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Fix the pairing problems between the motor and the smartphone
Fix the pairing problems between the motor and the smartphone

What should I do if the motor doesn't pair with my smartphone?

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You have scrupulously followed the user manual but your motor still won't connect to your smartphone?

First, make sure that there are no other devices connected to Bluetooth around.

Then follow this procedure:

  1. Turn off your Bluetooth, your location as well as your Wifi or 4G connection

  2. Close the app and turn off the motor

  3. Restart your smartphone

  4. Start your motor

  5. Activate the Bluetooth and location functions of your phone

  6. Open the Nodalview application and make sure the shooting scenario is still set on "with Nodalview motor", or "Motorized", in your settings

On your shooting screen, you should see the message "Connecting" appear, which will turn into "CONNECTED" after a few seconds. You can now start the shooting, the motor will automatically rotate in the 8 required positions.

If 2 motors appear when connecting, you can select one and rename it by clicking on the pencil. The name given to the motor will only be shown on your smartphone. Therefore, when another expert uses the same motor, the name displayed will be the original one.

If you have followed all these steps and your motor still does not connect (or if it is connected but not rotating), there is a radical solution: uninstall and reinstall the application.

⚠️ Warning: before uninstalling the application, always make sure that all the content (photos, panoramas, videos) has been transferred to your user space, otherwise it will be lost!

NB: to recover the transferred content once you've reinstalled the application, go to Settings > Synchronization.

NB2: it is important to charge the motor at least once every 3 months.

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