Using the native wide-angle lens of your phone is possible and will enable you to take photos without having to use the dedicated Nodalview lens.

How do I use the native wide-angle lens of my smartphone?

On your shooting screen, depending on the number of lenses your phone is equipped with, you will be able to choose between 0.5x - 1x - 2x. For the wide-angle option, select '0.5x'.

However, we do not recommend using your native wide-angle lens. Why?

  • The native wide-angle lens is a secondary one, which means it is not of optimal quality.

  • If the luminosity in the property is too low, your photos might turn out noisy and of poor quality.

  • The native wide-angle lens tends to distort the photos. If you pay attention, you will notice that the edges of your photos are rounded.

You would like to know if your native wide-angle lens will be supported by the application? Contact us!

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