Using the native wide-angle lens of your phone is possible and will enable you to take photos without having to use the Nodalview wide-angle/ Pro Photo lens.

How do I use the native wide-angle lens of my smartphone?

On your shooting screen:

On iPhone

You will be able to choose between 0.5x - 1x - 2x. For the wide-angle option, select '0.5x'

On Android

  1. Go to your Nodalview application settings > advanced settings > camera version > use V1/V2 camera > switch to V2.

  2. Then go back to your photo shooting screen.

If you have the option "wide angle camera", click on it to use it.

If you do not have the option on the shooting screen to use the wide angle lens, we invite you to send a configuration report.

Nodalview lenses or your smartphone's native wide angle ?

As the Pro Photo Nodalview lens is a wide-angle lens, you should not use the native wide-angle on your phone when using the Nodalview external lens.

The usage should be this one :

  • either your phone's primary native lens + Nodalview photo lens

  • OR your phone's native wide-angle lens alone.

NB: On some smartphones, the quality of the native wide angle may be inferior to that of the main camera.

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