Did you know that 85% of future buyers want to make a virtual tour before making a first in-person tour?

Conduct guided virtual tours before going to the property and pre-qualify prospects and properties. Guided virtual tours can save you 90% of the time needed for an in-person tour.

Let's see together how to:

  1. Launch a virtual guided tour

  2. Start the session

  3. Invite participants

  4. What you can do

  5. The timeline

Launch a virtual guided tour

To start, click on the globe icon under the tour you want to show.

Remember that a tour is the equivalent of a property. You are about to launch the visit of a property, so you start from the page of your tours.

A virtual guided tour is limited to one hour.

You've joined your virtual guided tour interface, it's time to impress your prospects.

Start the session

⚠️ If you don't start the session, nobody will be able to join you! So don't forget this important step.

  1. You can start the session using the dedicated button at the top left of your screen.

  2. Then choose the conference mode:

  • Videoconference : you can be up to 4 participants, yourself included.

  • Audioconference : no limitation of participants.

  • Without a conference : don't hesitate to keep in touch by making a phone call with your prospect.

If you choose the videoconference option, make sure that both you and the participants have a good enough connexion.

Allow access to the microphone, audio and camera for the proper conduct of your visit.

The participant will also have to give permission on his/her own device.

Invite participants

Still on the left of your interface, invite your participants. Invite them:

  • by email sent directly from the platform.

  • by text message to the number you indicate.

  • with a link that you can send to your guests.

We recommend this option if you would like to make an appointment for a later visit.

You can send the link to your client with a specific meeting date and time, and your client will just have to click on the link at the agreed time.

Please note: every time you click on 'Get a link', a new link will be generated. Therefore, it is important that you save the link sent to the customer in order to easily find it again at the time of the appointment.

What can you do, what do your participants have access to ?

Your guests and you see the same thing, or almost...

As a real estate professional, your interface lets you lead the session using the panel on the left of your screen (which your participants can't see as they are spectators).

Participants can :

  • Access the chat to talk to you

  • See and/or hear you, if you’ve selected the conference that allows it

  • Take control of the visit if you let them

As a real estate professional, you can :

  • Start the session while choosing the conference mode, this will also apply to your participants (warn them if you opt for video conference, they’ll probably not want to appear in their pajamas)

  • Invite your participants

  • Chat with them

  • Give them control of the visit, they can move around the property as they wish. But you can also take it away from them !

  • Take notes, these are private, they belong only to you

  • Circulate in your portfolio of properties, so you can present several during the same session

When the visit is over, end the session. The link will be automatically deactivated and the visitor will no longer be able to access the session.

End the session using the dedicated button at the top left of your screen.

The session will also be over for your participants who will no longer be able to access your virtual tour.

The timeline

As soon as you end the session, you will receive an email with all the information about this session. Time, tour, duration of the session, participants, notes...

You will also find these information on your Nodalview account, inside the tour where your visit began. Access the panoramas of the tour. On the right of the screen, join the timeline, everything is there !

Important notes

  • If you can't hear your customer and they are using an iPhone, make sure they are using Safari

  • The client will not be able to access the live virtual until you have joined the session. Similarly, if you end the session, it will close on their side

  • If you encounter any issues (sound or connection problems, for example), we advise you to clear the cookies and try again

To go further:

➡️ Manage the agenda for guided virtual tours requests

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