The business card will allow your prospect to access your contact details on all your virtual visits.

Make your business card visible in a tour

  1. Open the tour you would like to work on by clicking on the 'Panoramas' button

  2. Activate your business card by switching the 'business card' button (in the left-hand panel) from OFF to ON

  3. Your business card will appear on the left side of your virtual tour

Update your business card

You can now update your business card with data that does not match that of your account.

NB: your first and last names will be the same as listed in your account. If you wish to update them, you can do so under 'My account'.

To update your business card, go to your user platform by clicking on Menu > My account :

You will then click on the first button of the left-hand panel - 'Business Card'.

In this interface, you will be able to manage the information you want to show on your business card:

  • E-mail address

  • Website

  • Phone number

  • Picture/logo

If you leave any blank space, they will be filled with the default information (your account information). If you do not select any picture, your organisation's logo will be displayed.

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