The logo of your agency will be the same for every user of the account. Once added, it will appear in the top left corner of the panoramas and virtual tours for all the users.

⚠️ Warning: only the account administrator (usually the first user created) will be able to modify the logo.

Editing your organisation's details

To access your organisation's details, click on "My Organisation" in the sidebar:

Click on "Edit organisation":

You will then have the option not only to change your organisation's logo, but also to turn it into a clickable link that will redirect visitors to your agency's website.

Remember that only the account administrator (usually the first profile created) will have access to the "My organisation" section and be able to modify the logo. If no user in your organisation appears to have access to this feature, do not hesitate to contact us at

To go further:

➡️ Download photos with a logo

➡️ Add and modify the business card

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