If there are several users in your agency, you will now be able to appoint an account administrator amongst them. This special user will be responsible for managing the information that is common to the entire organisation from their own user platform!

So far, the admin has some privileges, and can already manage some information of the Nodalview account.

Why is it important to choose the admin wisely?

This is not yet the case but, in the future, the account admin will have access to more information: subscription, user names, number of active devices, they will be able to view and manage contents uploaded by any user, etc.

It is therefore important to choose a person whose role will be to manage both the content of the users and the structure of the organisation on the Nodalview platform, as well as the administrative information of the account.

Who is your account administrator?

By default, the admin will be the first user created, that is to say the owner of the first email address provided when creating the account.

If you want to switch to another admin, or if you have any doubts on that matter, don't hesitate to contact us at wecare@nodalview.com!

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