Would you like to have an admin access on the Nodalview platform to manage your agency's account information and settings but without being a user of the application? It is possible!

In the case of an organisation with several users, it is possible - at the request of your agency's decision maker - to create an additional user who will be inactive. This inactive user will be able to manage the agency's account settings and information on the web platform!

For example, your subscription gives you access to 3 users. When choosing who will be the account administrator among your team, you have two choices:

1. Choose an active user as admin

In the first case, the admin will be in charge of managing the general account on the Nodalview platform while continuing using the Nodalview application on his phone. The admin is then an ACTIVE USER.

2. Choose an inactive user as admin

In the second case, the admin will have a user access to the Nodalview platform to manage the agency's general account, but will not need to install the Nodalview application on its phone. The admin is then an INACTIVE USER.

Advantage: inactive users are not counted in the user limit, so it is possible to create an additional user.

In our example, the organisation would have 3 active users + 1 inactive.

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