In order to publish your video online, you will need first to identify if you can import the video in MP4 format directly or if it will require a link. Here are the most common situations:

How to post the video on social networks

In this case, sharing the video in its MP4 format is recommended. Let's take Facebook as an example:

1. Go to your Facebook page and create a new post to which you will add a video:

2. Select the video you had previously downloaded on your files and open it.

3. Add a description to your post and click on "Post":

How to publish the video on a website

The first step in order to publish your video on a website will be to generate a link for your video. You can do it simply by importing the video on your favorite video host: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. This tutorial will show you how to proceed.

Once you have retrieved the link, and in order to embed your video, you will then just need to use a specific code called "iframe" which can be used for any content:

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