Creating a tour allows you to easily organize and find your content.

What is a tour?

A tour is the equivalent of a property, a project or a file.

Example: you took photos during your last vacation. You create a folder on your computer in which you store your awesome memories.

It's the same principle with the tour's creation from your Nodalview app, except that this is real estate. By creating a tour (= folder), you can then capture your shots which will automatically find their way there.

NB: for property A, create the tour A in which will be stored all your visuals relating to property A. Do you have another property to shoot? Create tour B and so on.

How to create a tour?

  1. Once connected to the app, create a tour by clicking on the icon at the bottom of your screen

  2. Name it and validate with "OK".

NB: if your property is located on Oxford Street, name your tour "Oxford" (as tour names are public, try to avoid naming them after the owners)

New tour or existing tour?

Do you have a new property to shoot? Create a new tour.

If you inadvertently leave the tour before completing your shoot, there is no need to create a new tour. Enter the tour again. Same if you want to make new visuals for this property later.

A tour = a property = a file

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