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Import your Matterport tours into Nodalview
Import your Matterport tours into Nodalview

Combine the top-notch quality of Matterport assets with Nodalview's powerful marketing and sales tools and make the most out of both worlds!

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You've got some of your properties captured with Matterport and you are now wondering how to exploit even better the great quality of those visuals...

Thanks to our partnership with Matterport, you can easily import your Matterport tours into Nodalview and increase your selling potential by using Smart Links and live sessions!

🔥 Gain qualitative insights on your potential customers, assess their real interest in your properties and offer them a first class experience.

⚠️ First of all, contact our team at to make sure this feature is activated on your account.

Once it's done, there are 2 ways you can import your Matterport tours into the Nodalview platform:

1. You have a Matterport account

It's easier than ever. Connect Nodalview to your Matterport account by clicking on the dedicated button on your web platform and proceed with the authentication. This will automatically import all your Matterport tours into Nodalview as new properties.

2. You only have the link(s) to your Matterport tour(s)

From the web platform, create a new property (or enter an existing one). From the Content tab, click on Matterports and then on Add Matterport. Paste the link to your Matterport tour and save.

You can now generate and share Smart Links and hold a live session of your Matterport tour!

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