Now that you have integrated a Matterport tour in your Nodalview account, you will be able to share it.

Please note that every project is a folder containing all the information about a property, and that this project contains your Nodalview virtual tour, pictures, videos and your Matterport virtual tour.

⚠️ You will not be able to share a Matterport tour from your general tour page. From your general tour page you will be able to share only Nodalview virtual tours.

Share a Matterport tour

  1. Enter your tour clicking on the “Matterport” button.

2. Click on “Share Matterport”. You will see that you will have the choice to copy different types of links that you will choose according to your needs and strategy.

3. Choose the type of link you want to copy by clicking on it.

The Smart Links

Our Smart Links are shareable links that will give you insights on how your tour is performing. Nodalview provides three Smart Links: public, private and gated.

Organise a virtual guided tour with your Matterport tour

If you want to launch a virtual guided tour with your Matterport tour, click on the globe and proceed the same way as for a Nodalview guided virtual tour.


As soon as you end the session, you will receive an email with all the information about this session. Time, tour, duration of the session, participants, notes...

You will also find these information on your Nodalview account, inside the tour where your visit began. Access the panoramas of the tour. On the right of the screen, join the timeline, everything is there !

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial:

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