Conduct guided virtual tours and pre-qualify prospects and properties before your physical visits. Did you know that 85% of prospective buyers want to take a guided virtual tour before making a first on-site visit? It's time to offer a superior, effortless experience to your prospects.

You've imported your Matterport tour into your Nodalview account, you've shared it with Smart Links, now you can go further...

Launch a virtual tour

From your Matterport tab click on the globe icon under your Matterport visit to launch a new live session :

Start the session

You can start the session using the dedicated button at the top left of your screen. Then choose the conference mode:

  • Videoconference : there can be up to 4 participants, yourself included

  • Audioconference : no limitation of participants

  • Without a conference : don't hesitate to keep in touch by making a phone call with your prospect

Invite your participants

Always on the left of your interface, invite your participants. Invite them:

  • By email sent directly from the platform

  • By text message to the number you indicate

  • With a link that you can send to your guests

Control the guided virtual tour

Participants can :

  • Access the chat to talk to you

  • See and/or hear you, if you’ve selected the conference that allows it

  • Take control of the visit if you let them

As a real estate professional you can :

  • Chat with them

  • Give them control of the visit, they can move around the property as they wish. But you can also take it away from them!

  • Take notes, these are private, they only belong to you

  • Circulate in your portfolio of properties (Matterport or not), so you can present several during the same session

End the session

End the session using the dedicated button at the top left of your screen.

The session will also be over for your participants who will no longer be able to access your guided virtual tour.

A history of your sessions

As soon as you end the session, you will receive an email with all the information about this session.

You will also find this information on your Nodalview account. Access the panoramas tab of the tour. On the right of the screen, join the timeline, everything is there !

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