The tripod, the wide angle lens and the fisheye lens as well as the nodal arm are all essential tools for taking quality photos and panoramas. However, it is possible (and even highly recommended) to get familiar with Nodalview while waiting for your equipment to arrive.

Nodalview - how does it work?

  1. Create your first tour on the mobile application

  2. Transfer your photos from the mobile app to your online Nodalview user space

  3. Access your Nodalview space

How to practice while waiting for the equipment?

It is possible to take test photos without the proper equipment to test the app.
Note: these photos will look much better when you have the equipment.

For panoramas, having the right equipment is essential to shoot.

Nevertheless, in order to allow you to practice creating virtual tours, we have added 5 demonstration tours called "DEMO TOUR" on your Nodalview user space.

What's next?

Once you have received the equipment, sign up for our online training webinars where we explain how to use the solution. These trainings are a must-see if you want to grow quickly and become an expert in using Nodalview.

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