You are now able to share your virtual tours more efficiently with the Nodalview Smart Links!

You're already familiar with the public link, right? There are now three types of links: public, private and gated.

NB: Smart Links are available with Nodalview new plans.

Analyse the performance of your visits with Nodalview Smart Links

Learn more about the effectiveness of your Nodalview virtual tour. Through the use of Smart Links, you get accurate information and can follow up with your potential buyers. Pre-qualify your contacts and convert your mandates into sales by focusing only on truly interested buyers!

The Nodalview Smart Links

After copying the link, you will be able to share it online on your social media, on your CRM and on real estate websites!

⚠️ Some real estate portals do not allow sharing private or gated links, please make sure to check the terms and conditions first if you want to share those types of links on the portals ⚠️

Get the sharing link from the tour's page via the dedicated icon under the concerned tour:

1. Public link

The public link is unrestricted. That means that anybody with the link will have access to the entire tour, and that you will not be able to receive any information from the visitors.

2. Private link

A secure link that allows your prospects to virtually visit the property after authentication by SMS. You get their contact details right away so you can contact them!

The information that the visitor enters in that form will then be sent to you by e-mail, which will allow you to know who is visiting your tour!

3. Gated link

A link that allows you to obtain the contact details of interested customers who have visited your property virtually for more than 20 seconds.

The gated link allows the visitor to have a preview of the property. Spark his interest and let him project himself for a few seconds in the property...

A form will allow visitors to make an appointment for a visit with you - in person or through a guided virtual tour ("Video chat"). You will then receive an email with all the necessary information to get in touch with the visitor.

Do not forget to set the days you are available for a visit! They can be easily modified by your account administrator.


Whether you have chosen the public, private or gated link, the sources from which the visitors come are indicated in your timeline! This gives you a good indication of the traffic generated by your various ads.

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