You want to share your virtual tour on the social network "LinkedIn" to promote your agency and the properties you have for sale, and you do not know the procedure to follow?

In this article we will explain how to proceed with the posting of your virtual tour on LinkedIn.

It is important to know that, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn accepts links from third party sites and therefore we recommend you to share the link of your virtual tour directly in your publication.

To post on Facebook, see this article.

Before you start, you need to choose whether to share the entire virtual tour or just a panorama.

Our recommendation? Share only an individual panorama so that you can start a conversation with visitors who might be interested in seeing the complete virtual tour.

If you want to share a virtual visit, do not forget to use the Smart Links! Thanks to the use of the Smart Links (public, private and gated link), you can have precise informations and track your potential buyers. Careful! The Smart Links are only available on the new subscriptions!

Step 1:

Enter your tour, and select the most attractive panorama.

Click on Broadcast Panorama.

Then click on the Facebook icon.

Why Facebook? This is a way to initialize the thumbnails for social networks, like here for LinkedIn.

Step 2:

Set the default input view of the panorama by grabbing the image and directing it where you want it.

Click on "Create thumbnail and share on Facebook". This does not send any content to Facebook, it only records the information.

Step 3:

Paste the link on your LinkedIn post, this will automatically create the 360° panorama with the name of your tour.

Then write your text and don't forget to add "#".

You can even delete the link you just copied and pasted from your panorama

(e.g. to make your post even more neat.

The virtual visite preview will remain in your post even without the link.

Are you ready? Then publish !

If you would like to post your publication on Facebook as well, click here.

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