When creating a new tour in your application, you are asked to name it.

This name will appear in the Nodalview app and in your Nodalview account on the computer.

Our recommandations:

  • Choose a name that will allow you to find and remember it easily

  • Do not use private information, such as the homeowner's name

  • Do not include information that could allow potential clients to find the house, such as the complete address

For example :

To allow you to find easily your tours, you can name them by the street name of the property.

If you have a property located on Avenue Louise n°525, you name it "Louise".


The name that you give to your tour will be publicly visible as soon as you share the virtual visit link.

Whatsapp, text messages, Facebook,...

When shared :

To go further:

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➡️ Change the tour name

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