The Nodalview video is a bit like your property trailer. This tool allows you to develop your online presence and increase your visibility on social networks.

How to host a video on a hosting platform such as Youtube (you can also use Vimeo or Dailymotion for example) in order to share it?

1. Connect to Youtube

Connect to Youtube via your Google account by clicking on "sign in" and then entering your Google login.

2. Put the video online

Click on the small icon displaying a camera in the top right corner of the page.

Click on "upload video" (and create a channel if you don't have one yet).

Then click on "upload video".

Select your video.

Choose the settings.

3. Share the uploaded video on Youtube

Move your mouse over the bar of your video and click on the three small dots "Options".

Then click on "Get shareable link": the link to your video has been copied to your clipboard!

You can also share your imported video by going directly to it and clicking on "Share".

Many companies integrate YouTube into their communication strategy for several reasons:

  • To increase the visibility of their property, and therefore the chances of selling it

Videos are an excellent tool to give visibility to your property and personalise your communication. It also makes your property more tangible.

  • Attract new customers

Youtube allows you to reach a much higher number of users than a website, for free.

  • Promote your referencing on the Internet

As Youtube was bought by Google in 2016, videos posted on Youtube appear first in Google searches.

In the same way, it is very beneficial to include links from Youtube videos on your website, as Google will then favour your positioning in the search pages.

  • Position yourself as a modern, social network and technology-oriented company

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