Have you already captured your videos from your Nodalview app, selected the visuals, added an introduction and conclusion, and created the content for your video?

Then it's time to generate your video, so you can share it on social networks and on your website.

Go to the video tool interface

  1. Go to your customer area > log in with your login and password

  2. Enter the tour in which you want to generate the video via the "Videos" tab

3. Click on the video tape icon next to the project you want to generate

4. The "Generate" button will be activated when all the thumbnails of your video are validated (click here to learn more). You will then be able to preview your video in low resolution

After the generation of the video, you can watch it in low resolution.

⚠️ To get it in FULL HD, download it ⚠️

Now you just have to host it on an online video host, in order to generate a link that you can publish on social networks.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at wecare@nodalview.com.

To go further:

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➡️ Customizing a video project

➡️ Modifying an existing video

Any questions regarding this article?

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