You have captured your videos from your Nodalview application. The next step is to choose your visuals to include in your promotional video. These could be internal and external videos, photos and panoramas. Read more about it here!

Keep in mind that your Nodalview video is the teaser of your property. It needs to be short, and contain photos/panoramas/videos that showcase your property.

A. Go to the video editing interface

  1. Go to your client space > log in with your login details

  2. Go to the tour for which you want to create a video by clicking on the "Videos" tab

3. Create a video project by clicking on "Create video"

4. Name your video project

B. Access your visuals

  1. All your visuals, such as photos, panoramas or videos are sort on the left of your screen

  2. Click on the relevant tab to access it:

You will then see the content that has been captured using your Nodalview application. It is also possible to import external content.

C. Integrate an external video

1. Click on the "Videos" tab

2. Click on the + at the bottom right to access the import area (integration of files in mp4 or MOV format)

3. Select the video to be integrated in your file manager on your computer

4. A progress bar informs you of the download progress

⚠️ Download your videos one by one ⚠️

D. Integrate an external photo

1. Go back to your tours page

Tip : to go back quickly to your tours page, click on the Nodalview logo in the upper left corner of your screen

2. Enter your tour thanks to the "Photos" tab below it:

3. Once in the "Photos" tab, select "Bracket of 1" and click on "Add photos"

4. Select the photo to integrate in your file manager, on your computer

E. Integrate an external panorama

1. Go back to your tours page

2. Enter your tour thanks to the "Panoramas" tab below it

3. Import your panoramas from the "Import panoramas" button on the right side of your screen, in your tour:

4. A progress bar informs you of the download progress. Once the importation is done, your panorama will appear in your tour. You will then be able to integrate it in your video

Once the shots selected, it is now time to put them in your video, to choose animations in order to create an attractive and seamless promotional video.

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