You have captured your videos from your Nodalview application, selected the visuals you wish to use, and added an introduction and a conclusion to your video. Let's take a look at the type of content you can add to your video.

As the video gives a first impression of the property to potential buyers, it is important to select high-quality shots that showcase the property.

Content is very important! However, the style of the video is not to be neglected either. In this article, you will learn how to add animations to your shots, in order to make them as attractive as possible.

Enter the video editing interface

  1. Go to your client space > log in with your login details

  2. Enter the tour in which you wish to generate the video via the "Videos" tab

3. Click on the video tape icon next to the video project you wish to create

4. Add your visuals in the timeline at the bottom of your screen by dragging them

You can change the display order, delete or add a photo/panorama/video, set the start and end clip...

The editing interface

On the right-side of your screen, the editing interface allows you to edit the selected visual.

1. The panoramas editing interface

Adjusting your panorama:

  • Move your panorama (left click and hold) > select the starting point (Start) > adjust the duration of the animation, zoom in, save or modify the animation...

  • Select the end point (End)

  • Then go to the next or previous visual by clicking on the arrows below your editing interface, this will automatically save your panorama

2. The HDR photos editing interface

The animation of your HDR photo is set by default when you move to the next visual. To select the animation of your choice:

  • Click "animation"

  • Determine the animation you wish to apply to your photo or customise it

  • Then click on the arrow to go to the next or previous visual to save your animation

At the bottom right of each of your thumbnails in the timeline, a "v" appears. This means that your visuals have been saved:

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