You are the account administrator, and you would like to know more about managing your Nodalview account?

A new employee has joined you and you would like to give them access to the Nodalview solution?

First of all, we invite you to read this article to explain how your Nodalview account works.

1. Check your device limitation

When you want to add a connected device or an account, the first thing to do is to check on your invoices the number of connected devices to which your subscription entitles you.

2. Check the current number of connected devices

Read this article to see how many devices are already active on your Nodalview account.

The currently connected devices are the only the ones with the label "full access".

3. Determine how to connect a new device

✅ You have "available seats" left (e.g.: you only have 1 connected device out of 2 allowed).

A. You want to add a connected device (on a shared account) to the account linked to your email address
=> simply log into the Nodalview app with the new device using your account's credentials.

B. You want to create a new individual access (new email address) to your organisation (= a new individual account linked to your organisation): you can now do it on your own, if you are the administrator!

❌ You have no more "available seats" (you have 2 connected devices out of 2 allowed)

Good news, thanks to our new subscriptions, the cost for an additional connected device is only 10 euros per month! You can contact our Sales team to upgrade your subscription!

To go further:

➡️ Find and monitor the users and devices in your organisation

➡️ Have an "inactive" admin access

➡️ Accessing additional features as the account administrator

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