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Manage the properties of all the users in my organisation
Manage the properties of all the users in my organisation

Keep an eye on the quality of the assets created by your colleagues, bulk-archive properties, transfer them from a user to another.

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As an admin, you can view the assets captured for each property within your organisation, edit them if needed (build a virtual visit, create a video project, download your photos for your posts...) assign them to another user, archive them

⚠️ Only users designed as account administrators have access to this feature ⚠️
👉 How to edit the role of a user

Log into your web plateform, click on Organisation and then on Properties.

View and edit the assets contained in each property

From the Properties tab on your web platform, click on the square button with an arrow next to the property name. You will be brought to the property itself and from here you will be able to view and edit its assets.

Transfer a property from one user to another

One of your users captured some pictures with his account but another persone will take care of this property (sharing it online, making guided virtual tours...) ?

You can transfer the properties from a user to another in a few seconds: click on the three little dots on top right, next to the property that you would like to transfer and then click on Assign to another user. You'll only have to select the user from the drop down menu. The property will then be transferred to their area.

Archive more properties at the same time

A banner informs you that you have reached the amount of active properties included in your plan for your organisation?

Sort your properties out by archiving the ones that have been sold or rented by your colleagues (aka the other users).

On the 'active properties' list, click on the three dots next to the property and then on Archive. Confirm your choice.

If you want to archive more properties at once, you can also do so from this page. Select the properties that you want to archive by clicking on the corresponding box, then on the button Archive in the bottom-middle of the screen. Confirm your choice.

If you wish to delete properties forever (if they were created by mistake or you are not satisfied by the created assets), you can also delete them by clicking on Delete and confirm.

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