On Android, in the settings of your Nodalview application, you have the option to change the camera settings.

By default, the camera version is set to automatic, which allows Nodalview to detect the best option based on the information it receives.

👉 If, in automatic, the rendering doesn't seem qualitative and/or you don't have access to your phone's native wide angle, you can switch to the V2 camera. Don't hesitate to test in V1 and V2 camera to check what works better.

👉 If you want to use the native wide angle of your smartphone, use V2 mode. On the photo shooting screen (and if your phone allows it), you will then have the option to use the phone's native wide angle to shoot.

NB: Access to the native wide-angle camera of your phone is not available on all Android models. Indeed, some models refuse access to it from a third-party application.

How to check if your native wide angle camera is compatible with Nodalview?

1. Go to your Nodalview application settings > advanced settings > camera version > use V1/V2 camera > switch to V2.

2. Then go back to your photo shooting screen.

If you do not have the option on the shooting screen to use the wide angle lens, we invite you to send a configuration report.

3. In your settings > Configuration Report, click on "Send Report", this will open your mailbox. Could you explain the problem in the body of the email and send it in cc to wecare@nodalview.com ?

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