With our new pricing, you can immediately access the full value of Nodalview, regardless of the size of your agency or your resources.

Let's take a look at the key benefits of these new subscriptions.

1. Access all our tools

Some of our previous subscriptions only gave you access to one or two Nodalview tools. With our new subscription models, take advantage of all our features and make a difference!

How can you do this? By offering your customers the best possible service through varied and high-quality communication.

Posting beautiful photos on ad sites, offering virtual tours on demand, or publishing teaser videos on social networks is now within everyone's reach!

From now on, and for all your tours, you have access to

Offer more services to your clients, and stand out from the competition without paying more!

2. Pricing adapted to your needs

Pick your plan according to the number of properties you have in your portfolio. There are now 3 different subscription models, all including the same tools. So choose the one that best suits your activity!

BASIC: 1 device by default
PRO or BUSINESS: 2 devices by default

Note: An active virtual tour is a tour publicly available.

3. More affordable extra devices!

Empower your staff and give them the ability to capture quality visuals with Nodalview directly from their smartphone.

And for only 10 euros per month!

4. New features to come!

Many new features are in the pipeline. To take advantage of these, such as Smart Links, it is necessary to subscribe to one of these new subscription models.

5. What kind of plan you have subscribed to and what does it include?

You can check your subscription plan easily if you are the administrator.
When on your web platform, click on My Organisation, then on Billing and plan. You will know which type of subscription you have and how many active properties it includes.

To go further:

👉 Why should I activate or archive a property?

👉 Find the invoices

👉 Add a new connected device or a new account to my Nodalview organization

Are you part of a partner network? Do you have any other question about these new rates?

Please contact us at sales@nodalview.com.
Our sales team will be happy to help you! 🤗

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