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Discover why the new subscriptions are better and all the new features they give you access to!

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With our new pricing, you have access to the full value of Nodalview.

What are the benefits of these new subscriptions?

1. Have access to all our tools

Our previous subscriptions only gave you access to one or two Nodalview core features. With the new ones, you get instant access to all the features and make a real difference!

How? By offering to your customers the most complete service, thanks to diversified and professional marketing assets that will increase the visibility of your listings!

With the new subscriptions, you have access by default to:

Be the realtor that offers more services and stand out from the competition!

2. Pricing adapted to your needs

There are now 4 different subscription models, all including the same features. Choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of number of properties and users!

3. More affordable extra users

Empower your staff and give them the possibility to have their own Nodalview profile, so that they can be autonomous in creating amazing visuals with their smartphone. With our new subscriptions, every extra user is only 10€ / month!

4. New features to come!

Many new features are being cooked and will be unveiled soon! 😏 And they will only be available on the new subscriptions! Feel free to reach out to our Sales team for more info.

5. Which subscription do I have and what does it include?

You can check your subscription easily if you are the administrator.

When on your web platform, click on My Organisation, then on Billing and plan. You will know which type of subscription you have and your allowance in terms of properties and users.

NB: if your subscription's name is basic, pro or gold, it means that it is an old subscription that do not include all the new functionalities.

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