You already have some nice photos created without the Nodalview app and you would like to import them into a tour and still be able to exploit Nodalview’s potential?

No problem at all, Nodalview allows you to import external photos into your area, edit them with our editing tool, add your logo, and use them in your video projects.

Two cases:

A. You’d like to import your photos into an existing tour

  1. When you are on your Nodalview platform, click on the button Photos under the tour into which you would like to import your external photos

  2. Then, click on the button Add images.

  3. Select the number of brackets

If you want to import a photo already assembled (which is the case if you took it from your smartphone), just choose the number "1".

If you have taken a photo in several brackets with another modality than Nodalview (reflex camera for example), and you want to assemble them and import them on your Nodalview platform, this option allows you to choose the number of brackets.

4. Select the photo(s) to import between the files on your PC.

B. You would like to import your pictures into a new tour

  1. When you are on your Nodalview platform, click on the button New tour on the panel on the left or on the right of the screen

  2. Name the tour and click on Create new tour

  3. Make sure you are on the tab Photos and click on Add images to select between your files the photos that you would like to add to your tour

Congrats! Your external photos are now available on your Nodalview platform and ready to be edited or added to your video projects!

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