If the following error message appears on your mobile application: "You don't have enough permissions to transfer your media. Please contact customer service", then read this article instead to see what it means.

On the other hand, if everything is correctly set regarding your device limitation but the transfer mode is not functioning properly, keep on reading!

This article will give you tips and tricks that might save you! :)

In any case, don't delete your app, otherwise the non-transferred content will be lost!

The non-transferred content is only present on your app, not on our servers. This means that if you delete the app, you also delete its content. If this content was not stored on our servers yet, it will be lost.

1. Tips and tricks

Whatever the transfer problem is, here are a few tips that can break the deadlock:

A. Make sure your app is up-to-date

An application running an older version can cause transfer issues. So make sure you are on the latest available version of the app.

iOS: On the App Store app, search for "Nodalview", or click here directly from your iPhone. It will check if there is a new version available.

Android: On your phone's Play Store app, search for "Nodalview", or click here directly from your smartphone. It will check if there is a new version available.

B. iOS: check the date/hour settings

iOS: go to the settings of your phone (General > Date & Time) and make sure that the "Set Automatically" toggle is turned on.

C. Check your network connection

In order to find out if your internet is encountering some issues, perform a speed test from your smartphone.

Two processes exists :

  • Download

  • Upload / Transfer

The transfer speed of photos and panoramas varies only according to the quality of the upload/transfer process.

Note: Being able to watch YouTube videos (download stream) without experiencing loading issues does not mean that you will be able to transfer your content without any issue. It is not the same process is involved.

Also, be aware that panoramas may take longer to load.

To find out which internet connection is the best (either Wi-Fi or 4G), perform a speed test.

  1. Click here from your smartphone (or open Google on your smartphone > type in the search bar "speedtest" and launch it).

  2. Repeat the operation using the Wi-Fi and then the 4G. Check the results.

  3. Choose the network that has the best score in terms of "Mbps upload".

    Be careful, it must be at least 10 Mbps to have a decent transfer speed (the one on the left is way too low).

  4. If your Wi-Fi gets the best score, go to the settings of your app > transfer mode > and select "Wi-Fi only".

As a reminder:

In the app settings (top right) > transfer mode:

  • Only if connected to Wi-Fi.

    Choose this option if your phone has no SIM card or if your speedtest is better using the Wi-Fi.

  • Always: Choose this option if your speedtest is better using the 4G.

  • Never (offline shooting): You will need to manually transfer your content by clicking on the arrow.

D. Keep your app in the foreground

Keep your application in the foreground during the transfer, and avoid using your phone during the transfer if possible.

E. Relaunch the app

Be careful not to delete it!

  • Disconnect from Wi-Fi and 4G

  • Close the Nodalview application

  • Turn the phone off and on again

  • Reconnect to Wi-Fi or 4G

  • Open the Nodalview application

  • Reset the transfer

Go to the list of tours in your app > enter the tour that is not transferring > select the media that has not been transferred > you will be given the option to restart the transfer.

2. How to contact us?

If you have followed these tips but the problem still occurred, please read these articles:

  1. Case by case - photo transfer

  2. Case by case - panorama transfer

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Any questions regarding this article?

Contact us by email at wecare@nodalview.com

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