Are you the owner of a Samsung S20, S21 ou S22 (all models concerned)? We have good news for you!

Our product team has found a new way to capture panoramas without using the 360° lens.

So you no longer need to equip yourself with any Nodalview lenses to capture visuals (photos and panoramas) from the app.

Capturing panoramas without the 360° lens

To start capturing your panoramas without the Pro 360° lens (fisheye lens), you need to download the latest version of the app. Click here from your smartphone to update your app or go to the Play Store.

Then, go to the Nodalview app settings > 360° and activate the "use wide angle camera" option.

For successful panoramas, make sure that your phone’s camera is well aligned with the central axe of the tripod!

NB: Panoramas captured with the phone's native wide-angle lens have a smaller vertical field of view than those taken with the Nodalview wide-angle lens. But don't worry, this doesn't affect their quality!

What about pro photo capturing?

Don't forget that you can also capture your photos with your phone's native wide angle (so you don't need the Nodalview Pro Photo lens).

Go to your app settings > Advanced settings > Android camera version > use V2 camera. This will allow you to take pictures with the native wide angle of your phone.

Be careful though, on some smartphones, the native wide angle quality may be inferior to the main camera.

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