On your Nodalview platform, discover the timeline of each of your tours.

Have you shared a tour on social networks or on other online platforms - using Smart Links? Or have you organised a virtual guided tour? Check out the tour timeline for valuable information!

The Smart Links, the guided virtual tour and the timeline will allow you to identify truly interested customers to offer them a great customer experience!

The timeline has 2 functions. Let's discover them together!

1. A report of your guided virtual visits

You have conducted a remote visit session with your participants, all the information is included in your timeline:

  • The date of the session

  • The duration of the session

  • The type of conference

  • The list of participants

  • The notes if you took any

NB: this report is also sent to you by email.

2. The source of visits consulted online by your prospects

You have shared your virtual visits on different platforms (website, real estate portals, social networks, etc.) thanks to Nodalview Smart Links.

Whether you have chosen the public, private or gated link, the sources from which the visitors come are indicated in your timeline! This gives you a good indication of the traffic generated by your various ads.

Access the timeline

From the main page of your online platform - your tours page - enter the tour by clicking on the panorama button. On the right hand side of your screen, access the timeline with the dedicated button, everything is there !

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