Our new subscriptions allow at least 2 connected devices. You can choose either to use the same email address for everyone (simply add connected devices), or to keep your admin access for yourself and create an individual access for your colleagues!

How do I invite a colleague to join my Nodalview organisation?

To perform this action, make sure you are the admin of your organisation, and follow these easy steps:

When on your web platform, click on "My organisation" (1) on the panel on the left, then click on the tab "User and devices" (2). Then, click on "New User" (3).

A pop-up window will open. Fill in the required fields with the new user's email address and the role you want this user to have within your organisation (regular user or administrator). Click on "Send invitation"

The new user will receive an e-mail with an invitation to join Nodalview looking like this:

Once they click on "Join Nodalview", they will have to fill in their basic info (first and last name), choose a strong password and this is it! Their account will be automatically created under your organisation after they click on "Create account".

NB: the invitation link will expire after 72 hours. Don't worry, if it expires before the new user creates their account, you can send them a new invitation.

Questions? Anything is not working as expected?

👉 Feel free to contact us at wecare@nodalview.com, we'll be glad to help!

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