How do I pay my due invoices?

A banner is warning you that you have unpaid invoices on your account and you would like to proceed to payment? It's easy, here's how!

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You logged in to your web platform and a banner looking like this is showing?

It means that one or more payments did not go through and that your account might be blocked. Don't worry, you can easily regularise this situation!

You have 2 options:

1. Click on "Make payment"

A page will open and will show you the invoice(s) for which the payment did not go through. You can easily select them (by checking the box) and click on Pay now to access the payment page. Follow the instructions to enter a valid payment method.

From this page, you can also download the invoices in pdf if needed.

2. Go to your invoices overview

Here you can clearly see which payments did and did not go through. You can pay your due invoices one by one by clicking on Pay now.

You will be brought to the payment page. Follow the instructions to enter a valid payment method and the banner will disappear!

N.B: the status Processing means that the payment is still being processed and did not go through yet. Come back later to check if it went through correctly!

⚠️ If you have chosen a SEPA direct debit as your payment method ⚠️

It is possible that your bank refuses the direct debit for some reason. The status of your invoice will then change from "paid" to "unpaid". In this case, we invite you to reach out to your bank to regularise your situation.

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